– Independent & local –

We ARE a true independent restaurant in the heart of our beautiful city Chester.


This is something we are extremely proud of and is what drives us on a daily basis, and we are small in all meanings of the word!

We are a 30 seater restaurant, and have a small but passionate team that work tirelessly to help us create and maintain our ever changing menus across the year on a seasonal basis.

We work very closely with our suppliers to make sure we have the ability to get our hands on the best, most interesting produce available to us whether that is locally or further afield. There is more info on the origins of our produce on the menu page. One group we have worked closely with since we opened back in 2014 is the guys at The Natural Veg Menu / 9 meals of anarchy.. We set out at roughly the same time and have an amazing understanding of each other's vision and ethos which makes for a great relationship in this industry.

We have been open for just over 4 years and have achieved much and learned much more, but we continue to stay loyal to our ethos, our originality, our customers and what they have come to expect from us. And most importantly to continue to improve and challenge each other and our team.


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If you can’t find a reservation you want, please call the restaurant. WE may be able to HELP you find the booking you want - our availability is not ALL shown on open table.