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Champagne Foam


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Q: We have an old voucher, is it still valid to use? 

A: All vouchers which expired after March 2020 were extended for up to three years until April 14th 2023. As this date has now passed, we are unfortunately unable to accept any vouchers purchased from 2019-2021. All current and future vouchers are valid for up to one year from the date of purchase, or as stated on the terms of the voucher

Q: Are vouchers currently available to purchase?

A: Vouchers are available to purchase online via our web site or in the restaurant. Please note we do not offer vouchers by post. 

Our New Location

Q: We loved your old location, why are you moving?

A: When we opened in 2014 in an old hairdressers salon, it was the perfect place for us to cut our teeth on owning and operating an independent restaurant. We loved the intimacy of the small location, but it came with some big challenges - no storage or office space, and the tiny kitchen and bar made working conditions very challenging for our staff. Our plan was always to relocate one day, so when our lease expired in Spring 2021 we knew it was time to take the leap!

Q: Why has it taken so long for you to reopen? 

A: As soon as we viewed the property in early 2021 we knew it was for us. Although it was a big project, we were expecting to be open by August at the latest but due to multiple lockdowns, complex lease negotiations and a huge backlog on everything from solicitors to the supply chain we've been delayed several times. Although this was longer than we ever anticipated, we think it will be worth the wait! 

Q: What will change at your new location?

A: Most of the changes will be behind the scenes, with a larger bar and more storage and prep space in our kitchens. We will have a few additional tables, but overall the dining room will feel more spacious and less crowded than our old location. A few positive changes you may notice will be an expanded wine and menu selection, a small lounge space to enjoy a drink before dinner and step-free access so we can (finally) be wheelchair accessible!

Q: Can I book a table at your new location?

A: Yes! Tables are now available for our new location. All existing reservations for guests dining from 9th August will be automatically transferred to our new location. 

Dietary Requirements: 

Q: I have a food allergy or intolerance, can I dine with you?

A: We take food allergies very seriously, and can accommodate most allergies or intolerances with prior notice. Please inform us of all food allergies at least 48 hours prior to your booking as not all allergens are listed on our menu. We do work in a very small kitchen where allergens are present and therefore we may not be suitable for severe allergy sufferers. If you have a severe/complex allergy, a combination of requirements or additional questions, please speak to us directly at 01244 403040 or email us at

Q: I'm vegan or vegetarian, what are my options?

A: We offer a vegan menu, as well as a vegetarian option on our standard menu. If you would like a vegan menu, please specify this with your server when you are seated or at the time of booking. Be mindful when ordering that we have similar vegan/vegetarian dishes so if you are in doubt about ingredients, please ask! If you have food allergies or more complex requirements, please get in touch with us at least 48 hours in advance so that we can ensure you are accommodated. 


Q: Can I book a table at your new location?

A: Yes! Tables are now available for our new location. All existing reservations for guests dining from 9th August will be automatically transferred to our new location. 

Q: Can I book a table for a large group?

A: For tables of 8 or more guests, please get in touch with us directly at For bookings of 6+ guests a deposit of £15 per person is required to secure the table and will be credited towards your bill, pending the attendance of all confirmed guests. 

Q: Do you offer Private Dining?

A: We do offer private hire of the restaurant and lounge for up to 50 guests, and the minimum spend for this varies on the date and time of the hire. Our adjoining sister restaurant Twenty Eight is also available for private hire, and well suited to smaller groups of 20-40, canapé receptions and large business lunches. For more information on hiring any of our spaces, please get in touch at to discuss your event with our team. 

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